Memories of Hex

Zorgon Says 2

Couple of new dudes walked by today. A cool little frog dude and some other guy. They want to check out the dungeon too and Zorgon gonna show ’em around.

ZORGON HATE BATS. They just had to swarm Zorgon. They got tiny little annoying bites. Frog dude and new guy help Zorgon out there. Zorgon like ’em.

We ran into a couple of orcs but Zorgon showed them whos boss; ZORGON. Told them if I got the treasure they could join us. Zorgon knows his group gonna grow.

Some giant thing came crashing into the treasure room and Lune shot the driver in the face. Good thing too because the bullet jogged his memory! It was Zorgon’s brother Ivan; good to see him.

The treasure was a Piece of Hex, it has some power to it; Zorgon gonna keep it. We had to do some tests to get it but the little frog passed them before we knew it. Zorgon really like little frog dude.

We found out where there were more of the Pieces so we all split up. Old Dude went one way, Ivan another and Zorgon’s scouting party yet another. We got Zorgon, all the others who follow me around Jeff, one of the Orc brohters. Zug Zug and Krug stayed with Bun bjiorn and the Kid to fix up our new dungeon. Zorgon can’t wait to eat whatever they stockpiled back there; Zorgon tired of bats and rations.

We walked into a new “zone” as Zorgon will refer to them. This one full of dead stuff but Zorgon find a new gold cat.

Some water dudes are trying to bring back water to area but they can’t, said someone with a memory shard did this. Zorgon don’t care, Zorgon trying to find himself another Piece of Hex. Zorgon fix this later if Zorgon need to.

There were also some hunter cat dudes but they didn’t do much, not that Zorgon can remember anyway.



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