Memories of Hex

Zorgon Says 1

Zorgon don’t know how he got to this forest place from the backdoor of his house, BUT ZORGON DO KNOW that he gonna find some words while he’s out.

Zorgon run into some fools that can’t remember nothing and some other dude that stuck in front of a locked door. ZORGON DON’T CARE IF THE DOORS LOCK, ZORGON GONNA PUNCH IT. and Zorgon did. It cracked. Zorgon figured finding the key would be better for his hand than punching stone.

A couple of dudes followed Zorgon into the woods to find the key, Zorgon don’t mind travelling in a group, its good to have someone watch your back.

Zorgon saw a Brethdian kid flying in the sky and shouted at it. Zorgon gonna watch over this kid. Zorgon a family man.

We got the the door. Zorgon pity the fools that locked it in the first place.

Zorgon hurting from this stupid dungeon but Zorgon can’t wait to get whatever is inside.



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