Memories of Hex

Lunes Log 2

Something is wrong. With me. With those around me. With this place. Our group got a little bigger…. if i can really say that when one of the newcomers is less then 2 feet tall. We ended up finding the secret of the ruins…. and meeting Zorgons brother…. i hope there’s no more of his family here. And how the hell did he survive getting shot in the head. Don’t think they are human. The Ruin housed a peice of Hex, whatever that is, supposedly something capable of controlling this place. Definitely not home anymore. After clearing out the ruin, we left a few of our group at it, planning to use it as a long term base. Sounded like a good idea at the time, but im not so sure now. We left looking for the other pieces of hex when we came across a land apparently plagued by some kind of… miasma i think they called it. Large chunks of land in the process of dieing. People suffering from this. Apparently its the fault of a Fragment of Memories. One of the things the cart driver said we have. Was it one of us responsible? These people aren’t MINE, but that doesn’t mean i want to see them suffer. If i see a way to end this, i will, but… They aren’t mine. I dont need to help them. I need to find Mine. My people. My responsibility. It seems clearer and clearer as i get more of these fragments. Im responsible for something and someone. But its still missing.



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