Memories of Hex

Lunes Log 1

…. I dont know where i am or why im hear. I know WHO i am and what i can do. Wherever i am, something seems… wrong. Meet a few others. For the most part they seem to be okay. Still dont trust them. Not yet. Something tells me i shouldn’t trust anyone. The guy with the cart seems to have something really wrong with him. He told us where we were, and we ended up looking for a key to a door that he seems to have lost. But when we returned to him with the key, he had completely forgotten about us. We explored the area on the other side of the locked door. Seems like some kind of monster infested ruins. One monster had me dead to rights when it acted like it had just seen… something and ran off. We did find a pretty accurate map of the ruins. but… i dont trust it. I have no reason for that, but i just dont trust it. Same as those around me. Need to keep an eye out. Need to find home… Find…. i cant remember….. but there’s something or someone important im forgetting.



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