Memories of Hex

Zorgon Says 2

Couple of new dudes walked by today. A cool little frog dude and some other guy. They want to check out the dungeon too and Zorgon gonna show ’em around.

ZORGON HATE BATS. They just had to swarm Zorgon. They got tiny little annoying bites. Frog dude and new guy help Zorgon out there. Zorgon like ’em.

We ran into a couple of orcs but Zorgon showed them whos boss; ZORGON. Told them if I got the treasure they could join us. Zorgon knows his group gonna grow.

Some giant thing came crashing into the treasure room and Lune shot the driver in the face. Good thing too because the bullet jogged his memory! It was Zorgon’s brother Ivan; good to see him.

The treasure was a Piece of Hex, it has some power to it; Zorgon gonna keep it. We had to do some tests to get it but the little frog passed them before we knew it. Zorgon really like little frog dude.

We found out where there were more of the Pieces so we all split up. Old Dude went one way, Ivan another and Zorgon’s scouting party yet another. We got Zorgon, all the others who follow me around Jeff, one of the Orc brohters. Zug Zug and Krug stayed with Bun bjiorn and the Kid to fix up our new dungeon. Zorgon can’t wait to eat whatever they stockpiled back there; Zorgon tired of bats and rations.

We walked into a new “zone” as Zorgon will refer to them. This one full of dead stuff but Zorgon find a new gold cat.

Some water dudes are trying to bring back water to area but they can’t, said someone with a memory shard did this. Zorgon don’t care, Zorgon trying to find himself another Piece of Hex. Zorgon fix this later if Zorgon need to.

There were also some hunter cat dudes but they didn’t do much, not that Zorgon can remember anyway.

Lunes Log 2

Something is wrong. With me. With those around me. With this place. Our group got a little bigger…. if i can really say that when one of the newcomers is less then 2 feet tall. We ended up finding the secret of the ruins…. and meeting Zorgons brother…. i hope there’s no more of his family here. And how the hell did he survive getting shot in the head. Don’t think they are human. The Ruin housed a peice of Hex, whatever that is, supposedly something capable of controlling this place. Definitely not home anymore. After clearing out the ruin, we left a few of our group at it, planning to use it as a long term base. Sounded like a good idea at the time, but im not so sure now. We left looking for the other pieces of hex when we came across a land apparently plagued by some kind of… miasma i think they called it. Large chunks of land in the process of dieing. People suffering from this. Apparently its the fault of a Fragment of Memories. One of the things the cart driver said we have. Was it one of us responsible? These people aren’t MINE, but that doesn’t mean i want to see them suffer. If i see a way to end this, i will, but… They aren’t mine. I dont need to help them. I need to find Mine. My people. My responsibility. It seems clearer and clearer as i get more of these fragments. Im responsible for something and someone. But its still missing.

The Purnama Accounts:
The start of something new

Life can be so confusing, especially in these days of twisted and lost memories. I’ve lost all recollection of my past. I know who I am, but I’ve not the slightest idea as to where I come from, who my family is, and who my friends are. I don’t even know where I’ve ended up.
It seems, however, that I may not be the only one lost in the fog of the mind. Today I wandered out of the forest where I came upon quite a few strange people. I shall list them below.
Bunnbjorn: A man whom I found sitting on a cart. He seems wise in the ways of the land.
Dunswick Garfunkle: An old wizard who seems knowledgeable on strange artifacts of “hex”. Seemingly useful.
Trigip: A very short and personable frog man. Plausibly useful.
Lune Tri: A young female who uses a firearm. She didn’t talk much, which was rather strange. Somewhat useful.
tamamo: Another young lady, whom also spoke very little. She seems useless.
Zorgon: Out of them all, Mister Zorgon was by far the most interesting. Regardless of his blunt and rude way of speaking, people seem to want to follow and listen to the man. Who uses a form of spell casting. He seems to be the most useful of all the capable new allies.
After we all made the acquaintance of one another, we headed into the halls of a tree-like complex wherein we encountered bats, orcs, skeletons, a Minotaur, and a quirky egg head who turned out to be the long lost brother of Zorgon. We faced the challenges of the Minotaur and claimed a strange “Piece of Hex” which is now directing us in a new direction. We left with newfound allies in the orcs Jeff, Zug-Zug, and Krug.
After departing from the forest we entered an expansive field which we soon discovered was being plagued by famine and disease. The wildlife is nearly gone, but those that remain are said to be extremely hostile. We found the body of a man who had been mauled by some form of animal. On his person we found a field journal, in which he wrote of an experiment and a vague mention of some type of creature.
I’ve decided to record my experiences, for we know not how long these memories will cling to us these days. It is better to remember than to forget.
What will the future hold? What dangers await our merry band of misfits? What does fate have in store for us next? The days to come sure aught to be interesting. I do hope these travels provide the insight I seek….

Zorgon Says 1

Zorgon don’t know how he got to this forest place from the backdoor of his house, BUT ZORGON DO KNOW that he gonna find some words while he’s out.

Zorgon run into some fools that can’t remember nothing and some other dude that stuck in front of a locked door. ZORGON DON’T CARE IF THE DOORS LOCK, ZORGON GONNA PUNCH IT. and Zorgon did. It cracked. Zorgon figured finding the key would be better for his hand than punching stone.

A couple of dudes followed Zorgon into the woods to find the key, Zorgon don’t mind travelling in a group, its good to have someone watch your back.

Zorgon saw a Brethdian kid flying in the sky and shouted at it. Zorgon gonna watch over this kid. Zorgon a family man.

We got the the door. Zorgon pity the fools that locked it in the first place.

Zorgon hurting from this stupid dungeon but Zorgon can’t wait to get whatever is inside.

Lunes Log 1

…. I dont know where i am or why im hear. I know WHO i am and what i can do. Wherever i am, something seems… wrong. Meet a few others. For the most part they seem to be okay. Still dont trust them. Not yet. Something tells me i shouldn’t trust anyone. The guy with the cart seems to have something really wrong with him. He told us where we were, and we ended up looking for a key to a door that he seems to have lost. But when we returned to him with the key, he had completely forgotten about us. We explored the area on the other side of the locked door. Seems like some kind of monster infested ruins. One monster had me dead to rights when it acted like it had just seen… something and ran off. We did find a pretty accurate map of the ruins. but… i dont trust it. I have no reason for that, but i just dont trust it. Same as those around me. Need to keep an eye out. Need to find home… Find…. i cant remember….. but there’s something or someone important im forgetting.

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